Begin Transmission

from Season 1 by Noobie Noobinson

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Where it all begins.


Zenith: Yo, No. You see that, man?
Dr. No: What?
Z: Just off the starboard side.
N: Oh.. yeah.. It's like a little glowy thing or something.. ... Call call up HQ, dood.

Zenith: Uhhhh.. HQ, this is 'Double Boomskee', we're pickin' up some general weirdness about 6 or 7 thousand galactors away.
Headquarters: Double Boomskee, this is HQ. We need you to check that out. Get a visual for us and report back any findings, would ya?

Zenith: That's a big Roger. Yo, No Zone? Punch in "VECTOR ONE-NINER, SIX-ALPHA". We're going to Rigel 7.
Dr. No: Done, dood. I'm on it
Z: Whoa, whoa. Whoa! Hold up man, we got an incoming transmission!
N: Decoding...

/ - /
Transmission: This is it.
/ - /

Z: What is this..?

/ - /
Transmission: This is your opportunity to be that everything you wanted to be.
/ - /

N: I don't know... Is that a guitar?

/ - /
Transmission: That you held back from doing,
Because you're worried,
About what everybody thinks,
How good it is.
Because the only person that matters,
That thinks,
Is you.
/ - /

Z: Yo. Patch that through to phones!
N: Rog.

/ - /
... Noobie Noobinson and the Double Boomskees...
Runnin' on High...
/ - /

N: Dood, that is so catchy.
Z: Yeah... It is...


from Season 1, released January 19, 2008




Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

Noobie Noobinson, The Double Boomskees, and the Boomsday Alliance are intergalactic artists that traverse known space to spread creative thoughts and curious sounds. Take a listen.

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