Season 2

by Noobie Noobinson

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Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads Mieux que Game of thrones, The wire, Breaking bad et Bored to death réunies, Noobie est sans conteste ma série préférée ! Aboutie et passionnante de bout en bout, cette saison 2 devrait rester dans les annales de la télévision et de la musique inspirée. Un must ! Favorite track: On Time Arrival.
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Space Debris 03:24
Welcome! To the palace of possibility Magnanimous effigies Opportunist of calamities Capture! Planets that fall from the wake Ability takes, the highest of stakes Is it a game to some? They will come to the realization on How far we dig this hole I'll understand Pace increase! Force release! Walls we breach! In a manner, so to speak Truth folds its wings over False entities grow Halls of wisdom, gates will open Flood from your mind Madness they say How could they explain any other way Prophesizing, skies sing of doom and gloom for all Keep us at bay While we relinquish silently The tears the fears that wash away To cultivate this new.... Life in the time of heroes, always follow those who disobey Kept to the heels of the path that's laid For freedom is to stray away As I wander to ponder the final thoughts of Beyonders Random sequences of zeros represent the finest form And away we go Rise from falling Secrets calling Run from the maze Entrapment in gaze
Terrorform 04:24
(Old Man Wolver) Kids! Wake up! WAAAKE UP!! We have a big day ahead of us... Your parents will be here soon, And I need to prove that we've made progress. <Kids' Banter> (Wolver) Tune up your guitar, Troy. Troy - I said up... Now, let's begin. Very nice, Troy - I like the progression... And my that beat, Saya - Amazing! Billy, what do ya got on bass? Uh Huh! Billy, you are a bass fiend! Now let me hear something from the vocal departments... Blue, Freddy... Giv'er! (Billy and Freddy) He lives in fantasy worlds, given, livin', spreading joy. He rides the waves, of solar born stars. (Wolver) Now children look your best, your folks are at the door. <Parents' Banter> (Wolver) Parents! Welcome to Wolversville Riff Orphanage! You see, what this music means to your kids... Is more than just noise, It's their expression, It's their development, It's the ability to speak their inner voice! (Billy and Freddy) Lalalalalalalalalala... Walks us hand and hand, Throughout in all our lives, Now it's time to show you what we all have learned, Trust us, Ol' Man Wolver only treats us fine, Helps us free all the music within our minds. Triplets to downpicks and bass-lines, That all sound wick! Now it's time to move along, Goodbye... <Parents' Banter> (Wolver) Children, let's get back to work, Your next lesson is Thrash, with Karl The Red. Room 103, straight down the hall - to your left... Scurry along children...
The Hamptons 03:39
Space Wars 02:56


An epic collaborative project by the Double Boomskees and the illustrious Boomsday Alliance, Season 2 features the varied voices and musical musings of intergalactic stars such as Karl the Red, DJ Dodge & Burn, Old Man Wolver, and MD.

All tracks were imagined, written, and produced while on or experiencing the "Galactour" of 3091.

This second effort from the Double Boomskees and creative manager, Noobie Noobinson, is a testament to creativity, unrestrained ideas and the sharing of thoughts.

All told, this epic list of 25 reality-rending songs is the result of well over an Earth-year's worth of work.

Join The Alliance.

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released June 3, 2009

Zenith D Wonderpants: Guitar, vocals, synth
Dr. No: Bass, drums, synth

All tracks except for "Rennegade" were produced, mixed, and mastered by Noah Stacey (AKA Dr. No) and Joel Koch (Zenith D Wonderpants) at Fictional Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The track, "Rennegade", produced and mixed by David Renn.

Additional vocals on "Spaced on a True Story", "Terrorform", "Currency Among Thieves", and "Rennegade" provided by Jayme McDonald (MD).

Additional vocals on "Space Debris", "Time Date and Place", and "The Beach 2008" sung by Michi McLellan (AKA Miss Michine).

Guitar on "After the Tone - Episode 2" provided by Michael Probst (AKA Local MP).

Additional Guitar on "The Ownarians", "Palace of Possibility", and "Wolversville Riff Orphanage" provided by Karl Juetten (AKA Karl the Red).

Noobie Noobinson, Boomsday Alliance, The Double Boomskees and all music (c) 2009 Noobinson Creations Inc.




Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

Noobie Noobinson, The Double Boomskees, and the Boomsday Alliance are intergalactic artists that traverse known space to spread creative thoughts and curious sounds. Take a listen.

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