Season 1

by Noobie Noobinson

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Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads La saison 1 de Noobie Noobinson, c'est comme les séries de HBO, on se couche à point d'heure, mais on a toujours envie de connaître la à la fin, ben, on a qu'une envie, c'est voir la saison 2 ! Addictif ! Favorite track: The Latest Drivers (ft. Richard Lett).
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Zenith: Yo, No. You see that, man? Dr. No: What? Z: Just off the starboard side. N: Oh.. yeah.. It's like a little glowy thing or something.. ... Call call up HQ, dood. Zenith: Uhhhh.. HQ, this is 'Double Boomskee', we're pickin' up some general weirdness about 6 or 7 thousand galactors away. Headquarters: Double Boomskee, this is HQ. We need you to check that out. Get a visual for us and report back any findings, would ya? Zenith: That's a big Roger. Yo, No Zone? Punch in "VECTOR ONE-NINER, SIX-ALPHA". We're going to Rigel 7. Dr. No: Done, dood. I'm on it Z: Whoa, whoa. Whoa! Hold up man, we got an incoming transmission! N: Decoding... / - / Transmission: This is it. / - / Z: What is this..? / - / Transmission: This is your opportunity to be that everything you wanted to be. / - / N: I don't know... Is that a guitar? / - / Transmission: That you held back from doing, Because you're worried, About what everybody thinks, How good it is. Because the only person that matters, That thinks, Is you. / - / Z: Yo. Patch that through to phones! N: Rog. / - / ... Noobie Noobinson and the Double Boomskees... Runnin' on High... / - / N: Dood, that is so catchy. Z: Yeah... It is...
Jazzantasy (free) 03:01
Everything is fine, Sittin', drinkin’ martinis through the night… Everybody's close, Keepin’ tabs on the girls we watch the most, And as the sun so fades away, So does every trouble that the day brings. Yeah, yeah… As the lanterns glow, A subtle side of human nature starts to show… Love expressed through vibe, A certain smile lets everybody know, Anything you want will happen, If you breathe it you'll be laughin’, Let’s get it on… Do we take it slow? Or make it known to everyone around that we're a go? When do we cross that line? (I think it's time to define) I have no control, When I'm thinkin’ of you, Walkin’ with me, Out on the beach, Way out of reach from all the others… Everything is fine, As the lanterns glow, I can see, I can see it in your eyes, Let’s get it on… A beauty so divine, Shared by the waves that crash ashore, And feed the love that shapes and forms, Objects of desire… When all we have is time, We'll take a rest and make a vow, Never to let go of all these places shared together… "That’s the loveliest thing I’ve ever heard…"
333 03:06
Say I was to take my brain... Strain the juice, cut it loose, To reduce and produce, The simplest of thoughts in which to find, Ties to redesign and redefine the limelight prime-time... And I say this to you 'cause I know, That I'm capable of digging up and out... It's certainly, a glorious time to be alive, In this conscientious state of mind... And to think, We know the formula to the human body, mind, and soul... Do we have a lot more to learn?? Yes! Are we capable of doing so? Precisely, what I thought it would be! GO! When I did, what I did, and I said, what I said Was all within the means of my control, I... Am telling you, That I did, what I did, and I said, what I said... And all within the means of my control..! What is this place? Fairly interesting I say... It's like the grip within my hands, As I try to withstand the fore-planned descent into madness... That greats me with a smile, And a perspective so reflective it makes me wanna see, What's exactly behind this wall. I represent, your deepest and darkest of fears, And I can see you want to succumb... And become the most hated, frustrated, and degraded, To represent your external sympathy. Leave you to believe that everyone sees through. You wanna live like me, don't you?? Hahahahaha, my friend, a gracious invitation, but I do believe I'm going to have to refuse... Your way of being, is not exactly... my style! Now, I know the full extent, And I'm so straight bent with no need to vent, Just read the fax that your heart has sent and I say, Today's the day, Look out, Make way, Hoorayyyyyyyy!! It's certainly, A glorious time to be alive... Is it certainly, A glorious time to be alive? And it's certainly, A glorious time to be alive... In this conscientious state of mind...
As It Pours 02:43
All aboard!! The Express Train to the Brain. Where all we need is a few clever thoughts, To put us in motion... And the neurons, well they provide the rails. Yes how, here we go - Keep your head up as we flow, And let go of, The previous ties, the false disguise. Focus your eyes and notice, That changes can be made, In this conscious... Parade! No battles must be fought Pure ease in what we've sought, Make note of what we got, 'Cause it's all we'll ever need. There we go - straight off the starboard side, At your 3 O'Clock you'll see a decision, We hope will be forgiven. And will you please keep your hands inside, Observe the subject as plans preside. A fragile ocean, Of pure devotion, Express emotion and bridge the great divide. Pay attention to the signs! Left, right, stop, go - Look up, down below, Free flow, step through... That's the craziest thing I've seen, This side of that side. Shelved pride, untied, thoughts glide, Trust your instincts, Follow your heart, Start to transcend these invisible walls we call limit, End there is not, Pretend is still thought, Material possessions for interior progressions - Medula Oblongata go with the flow. Till you know what they know and they know, That you know we wall know. (We all know) Comprehend... Hebrew, Hebrew... ZenyD: "Sir, do you mind if I trouble you with a few quick questions? Answer if you want, do it you do, but what is it... that you do?" Carpenter: "Well, I'm a carpenter you see, I got into this business for my family. - Gotta put the food on the table. - Gotta give the baby a cradle. - Gotta keep the horse in the stable... what else?" Well, I'll tell you what else as the clouds, Move aside in the night, And show the way. Treasure chests are full of stars, Magnify your soul's desires. Full proof discovery, Seize the day break away - get up off your knees, The hero in this story that is you. Denial will negate. The hero in this story... That is you. Apparently, we don't see, That we can be controlled by machines, Not mechanical, But more so flesh and bone. Living within structure, Taught to live within a box, Designed by those whose, Whose pocketbooks of power, Devour our freedom to think, And never to link occurrences or situations, That keep us under control. Raise the question, askin' why, Never deny, That all our minds are pure power, And potential.
Beat Soup 00:43
Ominous Creature: "Heed these warnings, for those who have passed through the gates have never returned..." (Children, beware...) Freddy: What the heck's he talking about? He thinks he's got us scared... No truth behind his words, I'd go even if not dared! Blue: Well, I don't know about it, Is candy worth that much? From Caramilk and Coffee Crisp, To snack-sized bags of All Dressed, Old Dutch... Freddy: Blue! Stop being such a wuss. You truly think that evil's real? You really think he'll try and steal, Our souls? Blue: Well I've seen it on TV... And I certainly believe. I miss my mom, And I think I just doodied in my pants... Old Man Wolver: Release the hounds!!! Gather the children that tread my grounds, You come in search of treats? Blue: Yeah, so..? Wolver: Could I offer you... A trick... or a BEAT! Parent: Our children must be found... (As townsfolk gathered 'round) Parent: Check Old Man Wolver's place! Make haste, let's waste no time! (But what they didn't know, Was Wolver's awesome flow. He's trying to teach the kids, A song that goes like this...) Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or beat ya'll! Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or ba ba ba ba ba ba! Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or beat ya'll! Trick or trick or beat, Trick or trick or beat... Pumpkins come out in the search for discovery, Children wield sacks that they fill with the best candy... Tootsies will roll, as witches take flight in the night, Mummies, werewolves, a vampire's delight!!! (Torches were lit, in anger and spit... The people - they marched, Some of which were parched... So they left... But the gates were kicked open, And statues were smashed... A loud noise behind them, Hmm, a car crash?) Parents: Open the door, Wolver, we want our children back!! Well some of them anyways... ha ha... Commence the attack!!! (Trebuchets were fired, Catapults and ballistas too! Missiles, You name it, man! These walls are coming down!!!) Wolver: No!!! This was all a misunderstanding, I'm not doing anything, I'm just trying to teach your kids a new song. It's pretty good, too, And they're really good at singing it, They're picking it up-- N-no! My house! What did you guys do to my place? What the... Now what do I do? Uhhh... Guys, any suggestions? (Old Man Wolver's place was destroyed. But thankfully... For shows like "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition", Who selected his video and he had a house built for him, Uh, everything was okay. He opened up a studio and is teaching kids to sing new songs and all that kinda cool stuff. Annnd.. boom. That was it. Doneskees.)


Season 1 is the Double Boomskees' first public foray into the pan-galactic music scene.

When Dr. No and Zenith D Wonderpants were first contacted by Noobie Noobinson, they had no idea their collaborative efforts would end with the creation of such an album.

Critically, it was well received and the Boomskees enjoyed moderate success. Noobie generously gave the pair a fine starship from his personal fleet after the album was completed and they would go on to name this craft, The Double Boomskee.

Join The Alliance.

- - - - - -


released January 19, 2008

All songs produced by Noah Stacey (AKA Dr. No) at Fictional Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Noobie Noobinson and all music (c) 2009 Noobinson Creations Inc.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

Noobie Noobinson, The Double Boomskees, and the Boomsday Alliance are intergalactic artists that traverse known space to spread creative thoughts and curious sounds. Take a listen.

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