Metajets Official Soundtrack

by Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance



One Earth-summer day, Noobinson was approached to lend his musical influence to a game about Ring Racing called "Metajets".

While bearing little similarity to the highly illegal ring races of the Rigel and Bandar sectors, the Double Boomskees produced some crisp, spacey tracks with that genuine Ring Racing feel.

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From the official website:
"Metajets: Extreme Turbulence launches you into the skies of the future! In a world where aviation is paramount, young flying aces compete on the Aeronautical Racing Circuit (ARC).

The top pilots are part of the elite, undercover Metajets squadron, waging a high stakes battle for air supremacy against the evil Black Cloud brigade."

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released January 26, 2010

Production, mastering, synthesizer: Dr. No
Synthesizer and guitar: Zenith D Wonderpants

Metajets: Extreme Turbulence Developed by
Helios Interactive:
Reach Games:

Metajets, Metajets: Extreme Turbulence, and associated trademarks ©2010 The Cookie Jar Company:




Noobie Noobinson and the Boomsday Alliance Vancouver, British Columbia

Noobie Noobinson, The Double Boomskees, and the Boomsday Alliance are intergalactic artists that traverse known space to spread creative thoughts and curious sounds. Take a listen.

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